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Our Story

A Little About Us.

Hope Alive Campaign is run as an initiative seeking to offer hope to needy, orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya through education scholarships, the provision of daily hot porridge,sanitary pads, clothes and all other necessary support aimed at fighting extreme poverty and hunger among such children.

According to research, adolescent girls from disadvantaged backgrounds , lose out on 288 lessons a year, due to lack of materials to manage their menstrual cycles; thousands of school-age children do not attend school due to hunger and for those who attend, their academic performance is extremely low as they can’t quite concentrate in class, with empty bellies.

With a monthly donation of Ksh.100 ( $ 1 USD) we are able to provide a poor school girl with Sanitary Pads and Bathroom Soap. And with Ksh.150 ( $ 2USD ) per month, you can provide daily sustenance for one child, through the provision of a daily Cup of Uji ( Porridge ). Ksh.1,000 ( $ 12 USD ) monthly, makes it possible for a poor high school student, to pursue secondary school education in Kenya. You can Donate using MPESA Paybill number: 891300, Account number: 189

Your monthly support, love and generosity, coupled with pieces of advice, enables us to Build the Lives of less fortunate children and Keep their Hopes Alive.

Our Story

We believe the destinies of the less fortunate children matter. We strive to provide, give them hope and see them through education, because we believe that they are the future. 
With the help we get through donations, we not see that these children are comfortable, but we give them hope; for a better future.

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Meet The Team

Francis Otieno Amonde
Organization Founder

Francis aims to lead the team towards achieving a Hunger-free and Poverty-free generation of women, youths and children.

Shantal Kisimba

Shantal is in charge of all publicity.

Atien Onyango, Miss International Africa
Goodwill Ambassador
Eve Adongo, Miss World Kenya 2nd Runners Up
Goodwill Ambassador
Seth Ogembo
Field Officer