This program involves the daily provision of a Cup of Uji to over 500 pupils of Nyatwere Primary school and 25 children at Julie Hope Center in Kibera, Nairobi every morning. It was initiated by the Organization to mainly curb hunger.

We noticed that most of the pupils came to school in the morning in empty stomachs because they do not have enough to eat at their homes. This resulted to low concentration levels in class, poor participation and they were less alert. Some of the pupils would even fall asleep as the lessons progressed. All these would result to poor academic performance and their health was also affected since some would complain about headaches and stomach aches. Every child has the right to come to school well fed and prepared to learn. The program ensures that this is achieved through the provision of a cup of Uji every morning.

Uji1UjiThe above pictures represent the children at Julie Hope Center enjoying their Cup of Uji.

Uji2Pupils of Nyatwere Primary School receiving the Cup of Uji.

Uji3Pupils of Nyatwere Primary school waiting in line to receive their Cup of Uji.

Having a cup of Uji in the morning is a good way for these kids to start their day. They benefit in diverse number of ways from the program. These include;

  • The Uji is a source of energy because it contains high amount of complex carbohydrates, hence it gives them lasting energy.
  • The pupils are able to stay healthy
  • They are able to concentrate and focus more in class.
  • Through concentrating in class they are able to improve in their performance hence excel academically.

The Uji costs are as follow; Ksh.150 per Child per month.


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