This program involves assisting of individual students who are needy. They can either be total orphans or partial orphans who are not able to acquire needs such as medical treatment, payment of their activity fee, purchase of full school uniform and home basic needs. This program has benefited a number of students in Nyatwere Primary school. The following are the students who are part of the child sponsorship program;

Risper Adhiambo


Risper is a class 8 student at Nyatwere Primary school. She is 16 years from Kachien location in Oyugis town. She is a total orphan and also a top performer in her studies. She has managed to benefit from the program. The program caters for her school budget that she is required to pay in school. They include;

  • Activity fee of Ksh.125 per term
  • Remedial work fee of Ksh.400 per term.
  • 200 for P.T.A
  • Online KCPE registration fee Ksh.200.
  • Monthly exam fee (CATS) Ksh.70.

Richard Obong’o


Richard is 7 years old. He is in class one at Nyatwere Primary school and he comes from Kachien Location in Oyugis town, Homabay County. He is a partial orphan. Richard is also a beneficiary of the Child Sponsorship Program. The program caters for his school budget that he is required to pay in school. This includes;

  • Activity fee Ksh.125 per term.
  • T.A charges Ksh.200
  • Examination fee Mid term Ksh.40 and End term Ksh.40


Joyce Atieno


This is 13 year old Joyce from Agoro Village in Oyugis town, Homabay County. Joyce is a partial orphan in class 6. She also benefits from the program by being sponsored the following academic charges;

  • Activity fee Ksh.125
  • Remedial work fee Ksh.400 per term
  • T.A charges at Ksh.200
  • Monthly Examination fee Ksh.70


Felix Onyango and Chrisencia Akinyi


These two wonderful pupils are Felix Onyango and Chrisencia Akinyi. Felix is an 11 year old boy in class three while Chrisencia is a 13 year old girl in class 5. Both are total orphans from Kachien location in Oyugis town, Homabay County. Both benefit from the program as well and their school budgets are also catered for the program as follows;

Felix Onyango’s budget includes;

  • Activity fee Ksh.125
  • T.A charges Ksh.200
  • Examination fee Mid term Ksh.40 and \end term Ksh.40

Chrisencia Akinyi’s budget includes;

  • Activity fee Ksh.125
  • T.A charges Ksh.200
  • Examination fee Mid term Ksh.50 and end term Ksh.50

Grace, Maurice and Immaculate


This is a picture of three lovely pupils, Grace Adhiambo from the far left, followed by Maurice Oluoch at the center and finally Immaculate Akinyi together with the Director finance Miss Elizabeth Juma and the Founder Hope Alive Campaign Mr. Francis Otieno Amonde.

Each of the above children has a story. Grace Adhiambo is a 4 year old girl in Nursery. She is a partial orphan, stays with the mother and other younger siblings. Immaculate on the other hand is an 8 year old girl in class two. She is a total orphan who stays with her grandmother who is currently unwell. Finally Maurice is a 7 year old boy in class 2. He is also a total orphan who stays with the sister and other younger siblings.

When we meet these three they had several challenges such as, inability to afford medical bills, lack of proper and complete school uniforms, inability to pay the school charges and lack of finances to even have a meal back at their homes. These three children are just an example of the many students out there who face similar situations and seriously need help. As a team, we wouldn’t just leave them in this state so through the Child Sponsorship program we have been able to restore Hope to them.


This is a picture of Maurice, Grace and immaculate after receiving their full school uniform. The joy on their faces says it all. Now they are able to go to school smartly dressed without the burden of putting on bad uniforms.


We all know how kids love to play and during this times they get several injuries. The challenge comes in when these kids get serious injuries and they are an able to get immediate treatment due to luck of funds. The above pictures shows Maurice Oluoch undergoing an X-ray Examination at Matata Private Hospital in Oyugis.

Maurice had an an accident while he was playing and he got a hand injury. He wasn’t able to go to the hospital because of lack of funds. Thanks to this program he was finally examined by the Doctor and put under treatment. His arm is much better now.


  Many of these students are orphans and end up staying with their grandparents. Immaculate stays with her grandmother who is unwell and for her to put food on the table is a serious challenge. Through this program, the family are able to get shopping that is able to sustain them for a certain period of time. Hope is restored in this home.

This program has not only benefited these few individual students, but also the entire school. Earlier on this year, Capital FM presenter miss Anita Nderu was able to donate exercise books and stationaries to these wonderful kids. Miss International Africa, Atien Onyango also blessed the candidates with examination materials.

anitaThe sudents receiving the stationaries sent by Miss Anita Nderu.

estudio camouflage-1-55Miss Atien Onyango with the candidates after they received their Examination materials.

 The Child Sponsorship program has been able to greatly benefit thses students in the following ways;

  • The students are no longer chased home by the school because there academic budget is catered for.
  • Those with serious medical conditions are now able to get good medical care.
  • They are able to get full school uniforms that are in good conditions.
  • They are able to get the simple basic needs back at their homes such as soaps, cooking oil, toothpaste
  • The candidates are able to prepare well for their end year exams after receiving the examination materials such as geometrical sets and clipboards. This eases their learning in mathematical topics such as geometry.
  • Availability of books, pens and pencils eases the learning of these students.

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